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A brief talk with an Independent high class escort in Bangalore

Radhika is a 23-year-old Independent high class escort in Bangalore. She’s been selling sex for more than two years with the team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, primarily sleeping with men. She talked to me about her life in escorting and the truth about men who pay for sex.

So how long have you been an Independent high class escort in Bangalore?

Since I was 20 I am an Independent high class escort in Bangalore. For a long time before that I’d had a prostitution fetish. I was living in Madurai at the time, working as a Nurse, and I noticed there were a few ads in Craigslist in Bangalore from older men looking for a “rendezvous.” Most of them were like seventy years old, but there was one guy who was 22 and offering INR 10,000/ for an hour, so I mailed him back saying I have never ever done escorting or anything of this sort before, I have no idea if I’am even capable, but I’m interested.”He was really a gentle man and eased me through the whole process. I asked him a dozen questions—literally down to “Do I have sleep with you? the client honestly made me feel like a queen and handled me with care and comfort comfortable. So I went through with it and I liked and loved it really.

We got a hotel in Koramanagala,But basically after that I knew I could psychologically handle having sex for money and decided on as a career as an Independent high class escort in Bangalore–it wasn’t just a fantasy or a dream anymore. And later that month I came across an article about Bangalore Girl Friend Experience website, and so I joined them and that was more than two years ago, and I’ve been doing escorting ever since.

So you see men in Bangalore, and you also work for an escorting agency in Bangalore?

Yeah, but I do escorting only with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience team because it’s a guarantee, and I know I can definitely make my money for the day. and my clients are all pre-booked for me by Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. And it’s classier and more fun.

So what types of clients do y ou meet through Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and what do they want from you as an Independent high class escort?

There’s generally two types of guys here in Bangalore— There’s the ‘Bangalore local Clients’ and the ‘Travelling Clients’ The ‘Bangalore local Clients’ actually thinks he’s the boss for the day and being with him he feels you need to be generally be attracted to him alone, Bangalore local Clients types are always like, “ Why you do it ? How long you do it? And how much money you do in a Month? " so the fact that when we meet a ‘Bangalore local Clients’ it doesn’t make a difference for us as an escort, Sometimes they even want you not to see other clients. And the Travelling Clients are more business about it, and pay you a amount each month.

So with the Travelling Clients types do you have to “act” a bit more?

Yeah, you need to keep hugging and cuddling the client all night; you need to sleep over the whole night.

You sleep over with clients?

I hate sleeping with a stranger. I just cannot sleep! In spite of my Mind block I tried and I am to understand
I just cannot sleep with any stranger, I don’t and cannot sleep well, I feel like I’ve missed out on some good business by not sleeping over in the nights. I’m thinking of taking some sleeping tablets.

I feel like I’d be scared the guy would kill me in my sleep. I think by the time you’ve been comfortable enough to lock yourself in a hotel suite room with someone and get naked, you’ve committed for doing that act. Guys you meet in bars in MG Road for one-night-stands can kill you in your sleep too! I’d rather not sleep with a stranger, but if it means getting a more reliable client then I’ll think twice about doing it.

So have you ever met a Celebrity who you were legitimately into as an escort?

Definitely. There was this one guy who was a leading Actor in Chennai. He flew me to Goa first-class and put me in a five star hotel. When I got there, there were a few dozen roses. And at that point I hadn’t even talked to him on the phone; we had just emailed and shared pictures. When I finally saw him in person I was really nervous and brain dead because he was so good looking and handsome than in his Movies. His deal was that he wanted to meet me in Goa for a week and he would give me good Money for that.

That’s crazy. So what happened?

We had a few beers and dinner and then went up to the room and had good sex and I was really into it but he was kind of insecure doing sex with me and I felt for the first time in my life ashamed being an escort.

But you “date” more than one Client on any given day correct?

When I first signed up with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience I was really ‘girl next door’ about it and would only talk to one client at a time. But you kill so much time that way. It’s not like I’m trying to have a dozen clients at once–I’m too lazy duck for that. Ideally I would just have one genuine guy. But these guys here in Bangalore are so unpredictable. Like for example I had this one client who was amazing and handsome. We met a couple of times and we never had sex–we’d just have dinner or get drinks in Koramanagala but every time we met he’d give me a INR 20,000/ in an envelope.

Wait, why didn’t you have sex?

Because he did but he was, like, getting to know me or whatever, Random Yeah. So the first meeting we just met for drinks in Halsoor and then he had to go back to his office, but he did give me an envelope. The standard Charges for a non-sex meeting is usually around INR 10,000. to INR 15,000/.I’m not saying the majority of clients in Bangalore do that, but if they want to show you that they’re serious about being a client in my concern at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, and that they’re capable of it. they usually give you a gift. So anyway that’s what we expect, and then I peeped inside the envelope and saw the color of Money and was like OMG.

That’s insane. Was he good looking?

Yeah! He was really cute. He wasn’t my type but he was like 28, 5’7, nice Ray Ban glasses. He was totally someone I could take out and not be embarrassed by. He wasn’t “cool,” whatever, but he was fine.

But I was really pumped and addicted on it going somewhere. So we went on six dates and every time it was a INR 15,000/, and then on the last date we made out and he made a honest confession, I’ am really very happy I met an angel like you, but then now he was gone with the wind, I just never heard about this gentle man again.

That’s so weird. Do you think he found another escort in your team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience?

Who knows. That’s what I mean, these guys here in Bangalore are so flaky. Maybe he was married or got hooked to an another escort in my team or may be if really found another girl in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience that would have been totally fine with me. The thing about these kinds of relationships is that they’re so direct and honest–you’re basically a product, so guys can just tell you if they don’t want to see you anymore and it’s not a big deal–which is why I was so confused when he disappeared in the thin air with no explanation at all.

This escorting in Bangalore seems like it’s a huge part of your life. How is it a secret? Do your friends, parents and neighbors know what you do for your Bread and butter?

Most of my close friends do. Especially when I’ am the Black sheep, lol. I always end up telling most of the guys I’m dating in my “real life” about my job as an Independent high class escort in Bangalore, which is probably why I haven’t had a boyfriend in Bangalore for a years together. I am desperate enough to find someone to date here in Bangalore who didn’t mind my work as an escort in Bangalore though, and for the right person I would probably be willing to work less as an escort. Also, my parents know what I do here in my concern at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience because my brother told them. Afterward I did never get a call from my dad or Mom.

Oh god.

Well, they care, but they’re from villages, so they’re sort of ok with it. Once my family was really struggling for some cash and my Dad struggling to pay his loans from private lenders, and I was home visiting him and felt really bad. So I went on and just handed my dad the cash. He started crying deeply in my arms actually, he couldn’t really accept the deal. But he was also like, that’s so awkward, and any ways we need to move on in this world.

So do you ever sleep with other escorts, threesome sort of way?

Yeah, actually I have one client here in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience who only sleeps with more than woman at a time, so with that particular client we only do threesomes. He always gives us each INR 15,000/ and the whole thing takes about an hour. He’s so sweet, I love him. He grew up in a poor family in Mumbai Slums,

Do you like the threesomes?

Well threesomes are cool because you only have to do half of the work. But there’s a bit more excitement, especially because I will never know or understand what the other escort in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience is going to look like, and I am always on doubt if she’s going to hate me. I have more confidence with seducing men than I do women. And you may never win trying to read a women mind I feel it is a very sensitive matter altogether. .

And the clients know they will find hot and smart girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and well they can read your profile. If your profile is well written and humorous enough that’s a good start in escorting in Bangalore.

So how much money do you make per month as an escort with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience?

Good enough to live in a good apartment in Ulsoor and with a decent car.

Really? Do you have a huge savings?

No, I have zero bank balance! If you think you can make more money as an escort in Bangalore does kindly wait until you have it. I think my main problem was that I felt almost guilty about how much money I had, since my friends and team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience are obviously are all young and, so I would just pay for everything. Also I had just moved to Bangalore and my apartment rent is 20,000/ a month.

Do you have Code of conduct for yourself ?

Always use condoms, I always meet the clients of Bangalore Girl Friend Experience in public before going to their houses or hotels. So basically being an escort in Bangalore makes you rich and smart.

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A brief talk with an escort in Bangalore

I was 19 and a college student in Bangalore City, far away from my family and friends, when I made the leap into the world of escorting. I can't claim I was starving or desperate (although I was extremely poor, like most college students), just that I wanted a better standard of living and I was naďve enough to think that I could sell sex without serious repercussions.

Of course, I found out how seriously wrong that was. But not before I made some serious bank...

I would never have gone and stood on a corner or joined an escort service, but posting an ad on Bangalore Craigslist's Casual Encounters was easy. I had already used the site for regular dates/hook-ups, so it was a short step to my first post, in which I described myself as a regular girl-next-door and requested donations to my "college fund" in exchange for my most marketable skills.

The responses flooded in, allowing me to be extremely selective about whom I actually wanted to meet with. I tried to avoid those who looked too old, unattractive or stinky in their pictures and exchanged lots of e-mails to get a sense of whom I was corresponding with and what they were looking for. I was nervous when I met the first guy (a middle-aged, harmlessly pretentious teacher who wanted oral sex), but once I saw how obscenely easy and quick it was to make more money that I'd ever had at once before, I was hooked (heh).

When the Odds Caught Up With Me

Because nothing bad ever really happened to me, I kept on thinking that it never would, lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that most of the guys I met were relatively normal and respectful of my boundaries. Just once I broke my own rules and let a guy come to my house (that's "in-call"), and he showed up sort of tweaked out on some kind of drugs and proceeded to freak me out with his bizarre behavior and repeated insistence that he was going to have sex with me without using a condom, though. He didn't actually try to do it, though, and I got rid of him without anything serious happening.

I was eventually raped on the job, by a guy who put a belt around my neck and told me to relax and enjoy it. I never reported him, because a part of me felt that if I was working as a prostitute people would think I deserved to have that happen. I still took his money and my behavior stayed pretty reckless.

When and Why I Quit

I never made a career out of it, but I relied on prostitution as a quick way to make extra cash for the next few years – sometimes I had regulars I met with every week and a few times I whittled it down to one "sugar daddy" type who met most of my daily needs in exchange for sex and companionship. Other times, though, I met up with new guys several times a week, and I realize now that I put myself in some really dangerous situations.

I eventually graduated college, and remind me just how lucky I am to have made it through with merely some emotional scars. I will defend any woman's choice to work in the sex industry, but it's true that there are people who prey on us. And sites like Craigslist make it just too easy for them to do so anonymously. If I had it to do over again, I'd be a lot more careful out there.

But being a memeber of Bangalore girl freind Experience now had been a lot more easier and I am now a safe player with lots more Extra cash i need

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