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A man gets emotional and is an easy prey if he is been constantly pampered and we call girls in Bangalore get enough time to pamper a man and are conscious women in our line of activity and limit our self-getting paid only for the services offered.

The world is designed in such a way the rich and famous can never honestly confess the wealth they had earned is all by legal way and creating wealth by the law of the land is not a possibility with the existing law and we call girls in Bangalore are earning our money income tax free and with no hassles of tax returns.

The richer nations have started to understand the necessity of escorting and we call girls are contributing to the exchequer in countries which had legalized prostitution and are living a dignified and prided life of an escort serving the man.

We call girls in Bangalore are seeing the world as it is and are not revolting against any system instead we are free to write in this democratic country the views that are facts and reality and itís a proven fact that Germany after liberalizing its prostitution laws have started to get billions in revenue from the brothels.

In India it had been allowed in certain states under the blind eyes of the state and kamathipura in Mumbai and Sonagachi in Kolkata are examples where the legal system is turning a blind eye of the happenings inside the dens of the pimps.

The government is still and yet to regularize the above prostitution dens which are still under the control of the local dons and only certain NGO have of lately started to initiate health programmers and awareness campaigns inside the slums of red light area.

We Escorts in Bangalore are one step ahead of prostitution and brothels and are willingly pursuing the job of escorting with a passion to quiche the lust of a man.