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Clemency extolled on Bangalore escorts – An Escort possess the enlightenment to defy the unfairness with authenticity

Clemency extolled on Bangalore escorts. Women pursuing the business of escorting refers to a lady praised for her courage taking up a task forbidden.

Do not judge a Bangalore escorts by her looks as an unwise man will be able to see the mysterious unveiling with his ignorant mindset as Clemency extolled on Bangalore escorts. The only connoisseur will be able to gauge with naked eyes the pretty women behind the veils. 

Bangalore escorts possess the wisdom to confront the unfairness with reality and accept the mistakes of others with the added advantage of the ability to love oneself.
Silence refers to the strength of a Bangalore escort. Possess an abundance of her ability. Better to remain silent rather than speak aloud to cast as a fool. The lady labelled as Clemency extolled on Bangalore escorts.

“If so ever prostitution is the oldest profession in this planet politics is the second in the line of order as it has a conspicuous similarity”

Gfe Bangalore

If there is a debate on the oldest profession hunting can be the forerunner with prostitution and politics closing by.

Escorts take the forefront in the battle against the virtuous women being fallen as preys to the licentious man

Politics is all about oratory skills which are mostly a manipulating art and escorting is similar to politics where we bawd women try to bamboozle our clients.

Politics job is to bring the sissy in the forefront to battle and lay the rest in the back yard to listen to woes of the laid ones in the battle as we sluts take the forefront in the battle against the virtuous women being fallen as preys to the licentious man we let the victory cries be heard by our supremo in the end.

We slut never wanted to get pitied as we have taken the hard path in our life we bawd women try to slide on our own.

The serendipity had doomed us in this ill-fated business of escorting as we hustlers live a life whoring around.

To baffle the client is never an easy task as we sluts try to run the clock as quickly as possible for the hired time and wish the clock runs faster on work time.

Clemency extolled on Bangalore escorts – Escorts endeavour for distinction in our line of work of enticement and alluring 

No book to dictate the list of works done by Bangalore escorts. Harlots strive for eminence in our line of work of seduction and alluring. 

If so ever hookers are tried by the court of Almighty for an honest confession. There could be more falls as we hustlers see no man proclaiming chaste in this planet earth.

Almost every man had fallen down in front of us as we quietly confess before the supremo.

The supremo verdict was the trumpet of social order is to commerce prostitution in society. If soever men masters the art of seduction and alluring they would NOT pay for sex. Men are immature in the art of seduction they PAY to get the sex they ardour.

Clemency extolled on Bangalore escorts – Desire is an ingenuity of an escort in her line of work

Passion is an artifice of a harlot in her line of work as we sluts can never play honesty in our act, the moaning of a hooker is an act in actuality it is pain gasping out of us requesting to stop.

There was a time when man lived a nomadic life and family culture ceased in the entity. A woman who sleeps with multiple men was the most sought after the lady in the carnivorous jungle. Man seen fighting to sleep with her and only the robust of men can have her.

Time elapsed and women started to crave for one man and her family. Men continued his hunt for multiple women. Whores pursued our job with just a difference of slaughtered by the crusaders. 

Time moved as the kings placed us in temples. We were worshipped as idols in some places and we moved into the 21 th century.

We see the crusaders climbing on our backs to acclaim their victory over us as we Bangalore escorts to move steadily into the 22 nd century prided in our profession of escorting. 

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Gfe Bangalore


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