Letter of Reference: April 2018

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Impressions from a First Time Guest

The Airport
This was my first time to bangalore and I was a little nervous. You will complete immigration and customs information and purchase a tourist card for $10. The exit from the immigrations area takes you directly to baggage claim and then through random customs inspections. From there you are only a few steps away from the exit door to the airport. 

Upon exiting the airport prepare to be approached by many friendly people offering to provide a taxi or help you with luggage. Several flights arrive in the early afternoon and the exit area of the airport was very hectic. You should meet one of the Bangalore Girl Friends Experience staff as arranged as soon as you exit the airport. I missed the initial connection and waited about 30 minutes before Vinudha came to my rescue. (During this time I wished I had purchased a cell phone for international service as my PHONE phone was useless.) 

The “Competition”
Don’t be concerned that you won’t fit in. A typical reaction of guests, (and most of us), was to select a girl quickly to get the “best” available. What the girls have in common is they are all young and beautiful. Just like everyone else you know, they are individuals with distinct personalities. I wish I had spent a little time to meet the girls before deciding whom to hook up with for the first night. 

It’s hard to explain, but the selection process just happened. The first girl I talked with was already with someone, but in the next conversation I had a date for the evening. The girls don’t want to be alone for the night and there are more women available than men. So do the math! 

By day I had decided to change partners and either came to mutual agreement or asked Vinudha to inquire for them. I changed once and found the process to be very comfortable. The first girl I was with had some items in my room, but there was no problem changing partners. I was more uncomfortable with the change than the girls were. Within a few hours of the switch, I was playing cards with both girls in my Room. 

Other Anxieties and Issues 

It is easy to get to know almost everyone if you want to. One night a few of us decided to have a romantic dinner on a restaurant in nearby Mysore . The food was great and the companionship was better. 

In between exercise sessions there was plenty to do. . Several evenings a few of us went into town to “disco”. 

It took a few days to realize the Girls really meant what they said by, “if there’s anything you need, just ask”. From midnight snacks to premium liquors, all you have to do is ask. No request is treated as trivial and they will bend over backwards to try to make your stay enjoyable. 

In summary the best advice I can offer is to relax, relax, relax. Kick back and prepare yourself for the best vacation you will ever have! I can’t wait to go back. 

(Client’s contact information withheld by Bangalore Girl Friends Experience).

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