Story of an escort in Bangalore

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I am writing my story as an escort ( Story of an escort) I am no use in the usage of grammar moreover my English will not have a linguistic touch. Do kindly bear with me If soever you find any error here in My story as an escort.

An escort in Bangalore narrates her story

It’s been a long time since I ascertained to be an escort in Bangalore. I had to run this plan in my mind for a few months. I was too young to be an escort. The Job was entirely new to me. I was getting more nervous about sleeping with strangers. I finally turned up to be an escort, and the guy came on the first day of my employment in Gfe Bangalore. It just happened it was his first time of mongering girls. Which made it a lot easier, we were both pretty excited, but that seemed to calm him.

“Story of an escort is my story. None of them is fabricated to add flavour. It is a true confession of myself. My life journey as an escort in Bangalore.”

Gfe Bangalore

I was born and brought up lovely parents like all and the lightning strikes our life with a tragic accident which took away both my parents and I was the only one to take care of my family and there started my journey to sell myself to feed my sisters and brothers and now I am three years old in this field of escorting and I pride myself of able to withstand the tides in my life in being an Independent escort in Bangalore.

Half of myself is filled with erupting and exploding words. The rest half is moaning in pain

I am ashamed of myself as a woman and blame my destiny of bringing me to such a state.

Like the wind and sea which carry on in their daily routine work. There comes a day when the wind may ferociously scream its anger. It is a storm on that day and when the silent sea which as normal on all days. When it needs to show its anger its Tsunami there and I did live a life as normal as everyone. There were a Tsunami and storm in my life. Which revamped all my life to barter the divine love for my survival.

I am known as a seller of love by now. I have learned not to blame my destiny rather will like to swim across the tides of life in a smooth sail and know my port of landing and can navigate the winds in my favour.

Story of an escort in Bangalore – The nature of blaming and cursing my fate

I am a seller of love. It will never turn the stone and I have learned this the hard way and to live with the storm and winds is the better way to live a life with a stronghold to my life.

Morale living and immoral living are in fact to all those in the other side and we are in the other side and we cannot playback our stories to justify our profession of escorting to this world rather we are honest and equitable in our profession of bartering love as a product for our livelihood.

When fate spits it anger on my family

It was a blow to myself. If it had not been my courage and daring taking over from there. I would have made a mistake of weeping and howling in vain. Weeping crying and bawling is not my cup of the bowl. Battling life with weapons of determination had been my lifestyle.

Here I am here today writing this Story of an escort in my official reputed escort agency. As I write to all those reading and will request no pity or empathy towards us an Independent escort in Bangalore. Rather will request the connoisseur and debonair to be kind and generous in the payment. I will request again not to quiz us with questions like why are you doing this. What made you do this and why should you not try to live as all women do. No women will willingly take up this profession of escorting on her own. We are god sent angels to quench the lust and fire in a man. We are at our best in doing the task of serving the man.

Story of an escort

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