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June 30, 2019
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July 9, 2019
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Bangalore escorts signs off

Bangalore escorts signs off

An Escort’s Diary to my old clients

Bangalore escorts signs off her role as an escort in Bangalore bidding a final farewell to her patrons.

Bangalore escorts bear so many agonies inside themselves as the greatest among them is unfolding the untold stories buried deep inside us.

Bangalore escorts signs off

“Life as an escort in Bangalore is like a game of chess. I moved my moves in a well-programmed manner. Its time to say adieus to all my patrons. It had been fun with all you folks, and until we meet for a cup of tea, good luck and God bless you all.”

Gfe Bangalore

To most of the clients, the one time dates and the repeat customers who bought me without ever acknowledging who I might be- or how what I was doing was affecting me,

I can say that I truly resent you. I dislike myself more, but you played your role too. Maybe fooled by my smiles.

Maybe you just too caught up in your need to realize the effect you would have. But you did affect me. I can’t remember your faces or our encounters- but I remember the feelings I had, and they suck.

A Bangalore escorts signs off her Job

To the ones who cared. I finally got torn between hating you for still buying my body. Moreover being thankful to you for being kind to me. For seeing me regularly, so I did not have to meet with so many strangers.

For asking me how I was doing, why was I in this business, and when would I stop. You still bought me and used me for your gratification. But you offered a smidge of kindness at a time when I craved any bit. I could get, and so I guess I do have to be thankful for that.

Thank you to the ones who tried to convince me to stop, to leave my boyfriend who was pushing me to escort, or to at least plan financially so I could end soon.

I didn’t have any family by that point. I didn’t have any friends, so I am ashamed to say that sometimes I looked forward to our visits. Not because I wanted to touch you. I didn’t.

But I needed human interaction, attention, conversation. I needed to get away from the boyfriend you all glared at sitting in your driveway. You were right. No one who cared about me would’ve let me do that; they wouldn’t have been able to sit outside knowing.

I didn’t believe you at the time. I thought you were trying to date me. But you were all older than me, and in better places, and I’m sure you could see it better than I could.

And so that’s it and to those of you who thought they knew a piece of the real me- you didn’t, and I lied, and also I lied about family, kids, ages, jobs.

Bangalore escorts signs off

Bangalore escorts signs off – A Bangalore escorts Lies

I wasn’t really there during our meetings- and I know I faked it really well. But I couldn’t tell you apart. I just wanted you to feel comfortable with me, and for you to think I was happy.

I don’t know why I owed you that protection from my real feelings. Maybe I didn’t want the pity. I still trying to convince myself I was Ok. To be honest, wrapped up in own world. That I would never have really let any of you in.

And so that’s it and to those of you who thought they knew a piece of the real me- you didn’t and I lied and also I lied about family, kids, ages, jobs.

Moreover, I told you what you needed to hear, and to those who travelled from far away multiple times a month, I didn’t think about you until I knocked at your door. It is just now that I realize you may have planned and looked forward to our visits. Sorry.

I got scared and lonely and very hurt. That’s who I was. I wanted to go home and curl up and watch tv. And I wanted to get married and have babies with someone who loved me. I wanted, desperately, to be enjoyed.

As I hated escorting, and if you had offered me a regular job in your company instead of sex, you would have seen a real smile from me.

My colleagues are available at Reach them at Text WhatsApp at +91 80956 50014 for more fun

With miles to go from here

Bangalore escorts signs off

Warm regards,

Bangalore escorts

Shreya Reddy In Marthalli ( Not my real identity )

Gfe Bangalore

Bangalore escorts signs off

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