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October 15, 2020
Bangalore best Independent escorts
Bangalore best Independent escorts
October 25, 2020
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Bangalore Girls Dating

Following girls on Classified and clients confessions- Bangalore girls dating

“Bangalore girls dating is not as easy as said. Falling in love means taking a long voyage in the journey of life knowingly of the past and the present. Hoping the best and the worst in the future. Be together in good and bad times. It is not an easy task for a man to live a life as above with a call girl in Bangalore, however irresistible women.”

Gfe Bangalore

Tonight I was on Bangalore adult classifieds. The infamous Locanto trying to figure Bangalore girls dating ended up browsing the pages where women of the night advertise their services. Many of the postings included pictures which I thought for sure couldn’t be real. All of them included phone numbers, but fully half of them had already been removed as ‘scams’.

My question is: what’s the scam? What happens when you call? Does someone who does not resemble the .jpg show up to your door? What happens then? Are these even adult services or people looking to rob you? I guess I could’ve called myself just to see what happened, but didn’t want them recording my phone number for any reason. 

Just to clarify my stand here. I am seeking high-end Bangalore girls dating, and I am not seeking a hooker or any actionable advice. Just naively surprised that the pictures were not of broken-down, meth-ridden ladies, but women who looked like models. Granted this is a large city, so maybe there is a variety. I’ve never been with a hooker and not sure I’ve ever seen one in real life, which only encourages my fascination. Posted by anonymous to grab bag.

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

The larger the city, the less likely those hookers exclusively broken down meth addicts. That said I doubt high-end call girls populate adult classifieds which mostly are in the stage of getting banned in India as in the USA. But as I have no experience (I swear!) I couldn’t say for sure.
To see a hooker. A game that my friends and I have played in Bangalore is to sit in the lobbies of high-end hotels in MG Road and Brigade Road and look for 20-something women on the arms of 50-something men.

These women are likely (high-end) hookers. I’m pretty sure Bangalore has some high-end hotels where this can do.

I just naively surprised the pictures were not of broken-down, meth-ridden ladies, but women looked like models.

I have met very few sex workers who looked like models. Still, I’ve met plenty of sex workers quite attractive in person. Who looked gorgeous in their most flattering photographs.

People who advertise for clients for their sex work on an adult classified are generally reasonably market-savvy and computer-savvy brokers. Targeting the IT Professionals, debilitated by out-of-control addictions.

The old meth addict hookers blow guys for INR 2000/ in an alley and don’t use the interwebs for advertising their services. The INR 2000/ so ladies be quite normal to good looking.

However, many advertisers on craigslist put photos of other people and misrepresent themselves. What happens when she shows up at your door, and she looks nothing like the photo? Well, you can either tell her to go away or invite her in. But these days many of the ladies advertising on craigslist traps set by the police, so not the best way to procure a “date” for the evening.

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For fun, you can use a Google Image search to compare said courtesan to other photos on the web. That is, the picture may be a porn actress you’ve never heard of or that photo advertised in every city in the country. How she can be in Chennai, Mysore, and Hyderabad, Mumbai at the same time is beyond me. And like any other ad, if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true. The call girls troll the lounges of high-end bars in hotels I realized I was getting old when these ladies started propositioning me.


I had a roommate who told me her former clients were often surprised that she looked like her photo. Makes me think that most women don’t match the picture. Besides, the number may be for a service, and they may send over who is still available. I had a friend who was a Craigslist sex worker for a while. She worked through an agency so that, although the picture was of her (and the most flattering picture she had at that), the phone number was the agencies. She didn’t advertise very often; they were encouraged to gather a few regular clients and avoid making new ones, for the most part. When called, she would then try to get a feel for the prospective client, making sure he or she wasn’t creepy. After that, they would first meet at a neutral, public location. 

Sometimes, they would do this more than once before she decided to take someone on as a client. I recall her telling me that she encouraged to bail out at any point if she felt uncomfortable and to let the agency know about it.

Best Dating Tips That Will Completely Change Your Life in Bangalore

For instance, that’s one way it works when it’s not a scam. I don’t know about how it goes on the scamming end, and my search for Bangalore girls datingisstill on.


Some websites (maybe not Craigslist), ostensibly use a system to report back from clients to assure the photographs that sex workers use are genuine. I can imagine there is a strong incentive for both sides to weed out scams or fakers, even if they’re not always successful. Craigslist is probably more hit and miss, but I don’t know the Bangalore girls dating pages ever existed like before in today’s 2020. 


Locanto removal message is generic. So you have no way of telling whether it is prohibited, spam/Overpost, miscategorized. (There is no ‘scam’ option, btw). I am guessing since adult services have been removed in the last year, that all these posts are “prohibited”.

Aside from cop sting ops and sending an uglier girl than pictured, I don’t think there’s much of a scam to be had in prostitution; it’s pretty profitable. My hunt for Bangalore girls dating is yet to materialize so far.


The cops scare in one end. Sending an uglier girl than pictured. I think there’s much of a scam to in prostitution. People still work the bad game (where the would-be getting robbed instead of serviced). 


Essential Pieces Of Dating Advice For Men in Bangalore

My hunger for Bangalore girls dating had pulled me here in the advertisement ask me a question; I discovered the blog of College Callgirl.

She didn’t put her photo or phone number in her Locanto ad but did place in-text adverts and an email address. Clients would then email, and then negotiations (and photo exchanges) would begin. I think in one of her posts she talked about the ones who had photos. Phone numbers were agency girls, and if ‘Shreya’ (in the picture) weren’t available, the agency would try to send you someone else.

Raj Kumar

Well, The Police, the undercover police officer asks you to meet her at a hotel. You go, she asks you what you want from the “menu,” and then once you hand over the money, a bunch more police dudes and ladies bust in the door and arrest you. 


The Craving for a date in Bangalore pushed me so far to write this in the elite escort agency website. Some sex workers accused of false advertising; most stretch their truth. But their body is their brand, and it’s in their best interest to attract as many inquiries as possible. They’re betting that you’ll so overcome with anticipating horniness that you’ll take the person that turns up even if they’ve stretched the truth.

Sometimes the scam is that some auto wallah robs you. Who now knows you are currently alone with possibly a few hundred cash on you. Perhaps unlikely to call the police for fear of being exposed.

Dating Tips for Shy Guys in Bangalore – How to Come Out of Your Shell

Bangalore Girls Dating

But please note:

They’re called sex workers. It’s a legitimate profession where you pay people for their services. My physio uses her body to manipulate mine. I’m in my underwear; there’s oil involved and moans of delight and agony from me. And you would have seen sex worker in real life. They’re everywhere and can look like your mum, sister, wife or grandmother. Or uncle, father, brother anyone. Pejorative language about sex workers and their work is unhelpful and marginalizing. 

Salman Reddy Raju

I was just naively surprised that the pictures were not of broken-down, meth-ridden ladies, but women who looked like models.

I’m surprised you’re surprised. Sex workers are everywhere, but I guess if you were not wise to the presentation and prevalence, you might not notice them. If you want to know how typical cash for sex transaction takes place,

I get many calls like the one you didn’t want to make – someone posted my name, number and a presumably glowing review of my services as a sex worker on a site somewhere. Sadly, the only paid services I provide are unrelated to the immediate wants and needs of these callers (I’m a web designer and developer). Still, they have uniformly been polite and only about a third of them withhold their number.

My hunt for women for dating in Bangalore ended with finding Gfe Bangalore.


Dating Advice for Men – Dating & Relationship Tips for Men

Bangalore Girls Dating

Having been a fashion photographer in another lifetime, I can tell you that not even all models are models. The camera is a funny thing; it distorts in most unpredictable ways. Some women I photographed were (IMHO) downright freakish/ugly, but something about their facial bone structure worked for the camera. And of course, the #1 factor: makeup. I always worked with a team of makeup artists – what these folks could do would blow your mind. Bottom line: the photos may be of the very woman you see at the door, even if she looks like nothing in the picture. If she’s a pro who values advertising, she’ll get photographed professionally, and at the end of that process may look like a different person. That’s even before Photoshop, which these days are routine and my search for real high-end women for dating in Bangalore materialized with the Gfe team in Bangalore.  

Murali Reddy

There’s a pretty large number of sex workers who don’t do face-to-face meetings (instead, paid phone sex, sex texting, sex emails.). They advertise their services on Locanto using models’ photos (usually just “real” looking enough to not seem like a pro). They pay for on content sites specifically for this purpose. 

Some workers just paid promoters for a larger company is offering phone/text services. They hit Locanto and other, similar sites with ads suggesting they are available for face-to-face meetings when they are not. Tips and tricks for getting around Craigslist’s phone/IP verifications are as rampant as SEO tricks. So some of these “hookers” may not be hookers at all, but rather are selling something else entirely under a persona that’s not them.

How to Impress a Girl on a First Date in Bangalore

Bangalore Girls Dating

I did get good ones through this web site. While I am hunting high-end women for a date in Bangalore. Personally recommend to any genuine seekers who may seek a real value for money. The time spent and a real professional job they are doing. My good wished to all in the Gfe team.

………………..Raghu Ram

Most of them are people trying to get by in a competitive and illegal business. So those pictures are often of them but often in better times: younger, more makeup, better lighting, a little Photoshop. Sometimes they are representative, and sometimes they are not; there is no hard and fast rule. As to what happens: typically you need to go to them (outcall) instead of them coming to you (incall) as they value their safety a great deal more than yours. Again individuals vary, but a common technique is to have you drive to a location, get out of your car, then call them on your cell. They tell you precisely what street address to go. Search for phone numbers on CL or “police” for extra fun.

Gfe Bangalore is real professionals working to assist people like me seeking genuine women for dating in Bangalore. I was seeking a high-end woman for a date in Bangalore. I recommend this Gfe Bangalore to all those who are seeking value for money.

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