Gigolo Frauds

Gigolo Frauds

Gigolo frauds had made Youngsters carried away by the myth of women paying for sex. Moreover, it’s a money-spinner for the fraudsters making money out of the tale of women paying for sex. Sadly, innocent men falling prey to the well-established mafia gang is an endless story. “

Gfe Bangalore

Firstly, we are a leading escort agency in Bangalore catering to men seeking women. Thereon do have women who seek men occasionally. Gloomily, Women who seek men are rare cases. Honestly, constitutes not even a fraction of our business in the escorting trade. 

Sinfully, Women who are seeking men constitute less than a fraction of the sale proceeds in our escorting trade. Likewise, Women are never good payers when it comes to paying for sex. Besides, convincing and dealing with a women client is a nightmare come true. Sadly, for those, involved in a direct transaction with women clients. 

Wisely, Women are very choosy in selecting their male escorts. Contrarily, poor paymasters in this game of paid sex. Besides, there is never a good-looking woman who has solicited services from us. However, it was the rarest of cases we find good-looking women seeking male escorts for paid sex.

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Try Google Gigolo Frauds to find reality.

Primarily, we had encountered women seeking fetish and BDSM requests and weird fantasies and had catered to most of our clientele. Similarly, honestly plead to all men seeking a career as a male escort NOT to pursue this as the only option. As we know the flow of money and frequency of the business happenings. 

In short 

Sadly, Women are very choosy in selecting their male escorts for paid sex.

Truthfully, Women seeking men for paid sex are really bad paymasters.

Similarly, Women seeking men are not always good-looking. Mostly, we do have women seeking male escorts as our elite clients who are 60 plus.

We sincerely request all men NOT to pursue the thought of being a male escort. 

Gigolo Myths and Reality

Otherwise, we honestly confess as the leaders in the escorting business in Bangalore. The myth of women seeking men is like a mirage in the desert. Nevertheless, the mafia gang operating on the Gigolo frauds had mastered its technique. Sadly, falling prey to false propaganda is increasing day by day.

Undoubtedly, European culture is different from the Indian way of dealing with sex. Oppositely, the truth is Individuals in the Western world have succeeded in being male escorts. If so they are promoting themselves on their way in various media. 

Likewise, Associating with an escort agency will never assist a male escort in succeeding. Reversely, promoting himself can pay results. 

All the above said in honest confessions from the team at Bangalore Girlfriends Experience we request NO request from our patrons for being a male escort. 


Saying all the above about women seeking men for paid sex. We apologize to all our women clients. Basically, for bluntly accusing themselves as poor paymasters to the male escorts.

Primarily, We have the youth in mind who are getting distracted from their career path of becoming a male escort. Worser is in this case. Secondly, We have the younger generation getting distracted from the false propaganda of male escorts or Gigolo Frauds.

Lastly, we respect all our clients, including our women-seeking men. Contrideictely, we as humble and excellent service providers in Bangalore. To conclude, we do salute our patrons for their continued support. We continue our services to our women seeking men with the same spirit and enthusiasm. 

To summarize, lastly to all men seeking a career as male escorts.