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February 8, 2020
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February 19, 2020
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Independent lady escorts Bangalore

My story as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore starts here

Independent lady escorts Bangalore is a confession. The blog post is written by an escort pursuing her Job in Gfe Bangalore

My story as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore starts here

My name is Divya. I had been requested to pen down my wisdom. My journey as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore. To all those inquisitive to know the inside story of Independent lady escorts Bangalore.

I had been reading a quite few of my colleagues writing here in Gfe Bangalore. Frankly speaking, I wish not to be boring as all my colleagues were wonderful in sketching their thoughts and I am nowhere near to them in my writings and will do my best in bringing to light the world of escorting in Bangalore.

Moreover, I have a good family set up. I have no pains in my back to run behind this money and I am grateful to the almighty for having me in his safer hands and will pray forever for this day to be on all day going forward.

Frankly, I am doing this for the fun of being with the best connoisseurs and debonair in Bangalore. I get paid for my passion is the fun part here. I am happy I am doing what I am ardent about.

Being with guys had been my best pass time. I am doing a job as a girlfriend experience to men seeking a good time. Lusting had always been in my veins. I love my Job in offering my time to the elite gentleman seeking a good time.

Independent lady escorts Bangalore

An escort is a hired Part-time lover

I did have some unpleasant experiences with some of my patrons trying to take advantage since they see me as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore and to have a freebie at times as I politely refuse I stick on to my terms of offering my time for a fee mutually agreed upon.

Men are the most easily fooled creatures on this planet. The plight is of the beloved ones who they had married as we pity our man’s wife. We do get goosebumps thinking about our tomorrow.

I sleep with men whose, not mine. As I enter the private side of the men who will never be mine. We are hired, lovers for the time being. From the bottom of my heart, I wish him and her the very best and we do envy him for his handsomeness.

Luckily I had been with almost the best of handsome hunks in Bangalore in my life as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore. Honestly, I had been fortunate to be with quite a few visiting foreigners to my surprise they were quite educative with me in brief stay with them and life is too short here to live in the given space.

I will like to explore my world. Maybe not limited to live a life with the space given. I never get cornered with samaritans propaganda. My cup of tea is to live a life queen size with a small adjustment in my conscience living life as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore.

I am living fine and have no regrets in sleeping with strangers on a daily basis and will never have the guilt engraved in myself as I have taken the accord on my very free-will and will never like to be living with one man all over my life.

Independent lady escorts Bangalore never trust a men

One reason for me to refuse to live with one man all over my life is the below quote.

Men are never reliable as they have inherited cheating from their stone age forefathers

Every day women do face trouble from men. Women never seek to sleep with every man they meet. The man is a different species altogether. The moment a man sees a pretty woman. The man starts to ripe her off in his dreams. Not every man desires will fulfil. The affordable gentleman tries to fulfil his thoughts with the Independent lady escorts Bangalore.

I have seen enough men for me to know a man better than anyone else in my life as an Independent lady escorts Bangalore rather I will never to fall in a trap laid before me. There are enough bobby traps in front of every woman and it is up to a woman to realize it.

Said all this I am fine and I am good and I am safer

Take care

With Unfeigned Regards,

(91) 8095650014

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