My Job as a Female escort

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My Job as a Female escort. A Detailed guide in a career as a female escort.

Many times, men need another person to vent out to who is not their significant. Otherwise, this does not say that I (we) replace or can even remotely try nor want to try to replace a significant other.

It just means that in our busy lives, we all are guilty of today. Men would rather spend their time with a significant other serving other purposes than rehashing their workweek or other stresses.

Most of the men I have met in my job as a female escort in Bangalore, Except for one and well he was just too hung up on his materials to tear him away from his ego smile. Man has been only the sweetest most adoring man you would ever want to meet. 

My Job as a Female escort

The compensation in my job as an escort

The compensation in my job as an escort depends on the client. Besides, I charge high. My donations are higher compared to my colleagues in Gfe Bangalore.

Just regular guys need an escape, a warm body or a woman to make them feel like they hung the moon even if for an hour or two! Personal attention is what it is all about. Moreover, I have to say I have more respect for these guys. Instead, I do for the guys that lie and cheat on their significant others by having intimate long drawn-out emotional affairs. 

Think about it? It is not personal for either the associate or the client, it is a service, and that is it! Just like when you go get your car tuned up, or you get a haircut, your nails manicured or your Saree dry-cleaned. 

The clients of the agency (Bangalore girlfriends experience) I work for our men and women of the middle to the upper class. 

They are respectable, professional and well-mannered just generally amiable people. I have met accountants, bankers, salespeople, clergymen, lawyers, doctors, construction workers, retail workers, and teachers. Then, I can tell you they are just ordinary people. 

You would never know they are female escort seekers. 

My Job as a Female escort

Career Guide for an Escort

My awards have been many. I set up this Write upon demand from my bosses to discuss the rewards. The agency, the owner and the clientele and let you see into the beautiful world of what I do!

Why at Bangalore, do girls’ friends experience a career as a female escort? 

There are a few reasons.

Do you Guess the Split Ratio in Most Agencies in India it is like Leaches they suck your blood literally? Bangalore girl friends experience is better it is the best in the industry, and it is 20;80.

If you get the reward for your sweat and they ignore the gifts showered upon by the clients, their client base is astounding. Besides, they guarantee your Income beforehand, deliver daily business and are friendlier people. 

Nevertheless, I never thought my privacy as a female escort in Bangalore was at stake with them. Furthermore, money is the most common reason. Women from ages 18-63 are sick and tired of working for peanuts. Besides, they don’t want Petty Salary, so they decide to become escorts. 

Yes, you heard me, I’m proud to say that one of my co-team Workers in Bangalore girls friends experienced a very young 43-year-old. Moreover, from the sounds of it, she’s happy working as an escort and probably doing better than women in their 20s. My hat goes off to her, and she will always be a shining example of what makes this industry tremendous and allows women of all ages to be free and prosperous! 

My Job as a Female escort

Job vacancy for an escort

But an escort will never enjoy her work or make her clients happy if all she cares about is money. For Whatsoever, reasons females decide to become an escort. 

Because they enjoy making people happy, they feel they will be good at it. They are a people person. They also think they will make a difference in the escort industry. The reason why I stay in the escort industry is to make a difference. 

The world is changing. Relationships are changing. Not only is the divorce rate 1 in 2. I’d take a guess and say that the other 50% comprises at least 15-20% of men and women who stay in the relationship or marriage ONLY for financial reasons or the children. 

They don’t want to be in that relationship. Besides, feel forced into staying. I may not agree with the choice to stay. Instead, if the women are going to, that opens a pool of men and women who need outside companionship. 

Last but not least, the other most common reason women seek a Job as a female escort in Bangalore. However,  it is not because they are desperate for money, or they already make an above-average income. Still, they are sick and tired of working many hours every day. 

They’ve generally been in their career for at least 15-20 years. Now they need a break. Besides, they don’t want to give up their affluent lifestyle. Who could blame them?

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My Job as a Female escort