Rendezvous with a female escort

Rendezvous with a Female Escorts in Bangalore is a hobbyist game.

“Female Escorts in Bangalore live a life with a no-frills attitude as life is already a complicated affair and a rendezvous time with female escorts is a punter’s hobby.”  

“Spreading legs is a pride for us harlots rather than raising hands for alms.”

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Money had been a product of scarcity and most sorted by all human beings. Sluts seek the same cash we had pursued in honesty to barter love and lust to get our money. Hustlers see some men going beyond the value of trust and openness to amass the same power of money.

We hookers had an option in front of us before spreading our legs in our search for money. 

  • Begging 
  • Borrowing 
  • Stealing 

An escort is a castaway

Sluts opted for either of it as we hussy women opted in honesty to seek our needs. We are in the escorting trade, pursuing a job in candour. To live in pride, doing a job virtuously.

Harlots do the business of whorish in our best taking off our clothes. To be the best in what we need to as otherwise, we are women stately and modest as our persona requires.

Furthermore, hookers in India are victims on the eve of colonization when the British exited India. Subsequently, we were puzzled rats in the cage as during the colonel’s rule besides we were priceless angels for the invaders to nourish. Particularly British cared less about our existence as it catered for their needs. 

Meanwhile, when we started to rule ourselves, our men began to see us as castaways leading our plight to misery. Nowadays Rendezvous with a female escort is a connectors game.

Enmity with crusaders is neither of our tasks. Besides hustlers are not fuming with anger with any of them. Harlots prefer minding our business in our short life of a female escort in Bangalore.

Rendezvous with a female escort

A blind date with female escorts in Bangalore

Besides, bimbo women, are never to be outcasts as a vagabond in society as we are a necessity in any vibrant civilized dwellings.

Courtesans prescribe a streak of strumpet in any chaste woman or else she is a dead fish in her home, leaving her man to stray around. 

Moreover, hustlers are never foe to virtuous women. As women, we are of the same breed. Just that we aligned our track in carrying more men than running our life with one man. 

Otherwise running our life with many men is just a pace in our life as we cannot lust with one man all over our life as our charm is a diminishing asset here.

Besides the choice of living life never bestowed on any of us. Subsequently, sluts have been steering the course of our life we had taken the path of whoring around with debauched men. 

Usually, the man never deceives in his mission of preying on multiple women. Neither slain for his doings. Besides female escorts in Bangalore pursue the same doing of ravening men for her livelihood. Therefore women mutilated with words.

Massacring the trade of prostitution is an act of mass committing the genocide of a breed of angels. Women engaged in their line of work as female escorts in Bangalore quelling a licentiousness-infected man.

Trollope women stick on to the line of work as female escorts in Bangalore of neither begging nor stealing or borrowing but pursuing a prided job of living in honesty the life of a hustler.

Rendezvous with a female escort

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